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Why You Should Care about BRI – Why in the World Would You Not?

A local auto dealership named Bill Gatton does their ads on TV about trading with them and ends with a question, “Why in the world would you not?” We ask that as we think of BRI?

What is BRI? BRI stands for Biblically Responsible Investing. BRI is investing that aligns one’s investments with Bible values and standards. It means seeking to reduce or avoid profiting from unbiblical investments and seeking to profit with companies who are doing good in society. Truly, BRI should be looked upon as an act of worship whereby we seek to glorify God as we invest. From the Holy Scriptures, we are given instructions in that whatever we do, do all to the glory of God. (I Cor. 10:31)

Investing is of much importance. America would not exist as we know it today without investing. Our standard of life would not be as we know it without investing. Business could not exist without investing. From the time that we are born until the time that we die, business has a huge impact on our lives. Most of us are born in a hospital, which is a business. When we die, we are cared for by a funeral home, which is a business. All through life we are impacted with by many businesses. They would not be there if someone had not invested. So, in the creation and continuance of these and other companies, why would we not apply biblical ethics and values as a chief cornerstone? To honor the Lord and Bible values should be at the top of the list. Why in the world would we not?

Our values are being assaulted. BRI is an effective way to help win the war for our values. We are in a very intensive cultural war in our country. The war against our values rages. There are those who seek the destruction of our Judeo (Old Testament) Christian (New Testament) ethics and values. Many companies are throwing those values under the bus. It is sad to see corporations endorse agendas contrary to biblical teachings. If we invest in such, and many do so unaware, we become guilty of trashing those values and advancing the war against our highly regarded and deeply held values. If one could have a choice of a good portfolio of companies that honor His values that includes the objective of growth of assets and income as needed, why in the world would he not?

BRI gives us an opportunity to lift up a standard of righteousness. Scriptures teach us to do that. When you have BRI, it puts more bricks in the wall to build and maintain those standards of righteousness in our country. Being a BRI advisor for many years, I am glad to give you the good news that there are still enough companies in our country to develop broadly diversified portfolios of companies that reflect biblical values. Again, if you could have that for your investment portfolios, why in the world would you not?

We have been given a special book called the Bible. It is God’s special revelation. It gives wisdom and knowledge and light for our lives. It should serve as our guide for life in all things. When rightly divided, it serves as the perfect standard for life. In this light, the Bible has much to say about financial matters. We have thousands of Bible verses concerning finances, the use of money, investing, etc. Why in the world would you not use those instructions to form a foundation or a biblical philosophy for investing? Why in the world would you not?

At Values First Advisors, Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) is the standard of which we have set to achieve in our investment portfolios for our clients. We may not always be perfect. But we have a standard upon which we operate. Let us share how we may be of help to you. Why in the world would you not?

Authored by: Roy E. Nunn, Co-President and Founding Partner