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What Does Christmas Mean to Me?

Thinking of this gives a rush of thoughts heralding through my mind. For many years, I can’t remember even one Christmas that I was not able to be with our Carolina family. For the last 42 years since being married to Sharon, we have been blessed to make it home with our family on Christmas Eve. Yes, there were some bitter cold days and some snows to go through, but we made it because it was important for us to do so. All the blessings of having a family that loves and bonds together have been ours. Gathering with the family for a meal on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with generally more than 40 family members present at each family gathering and sometimes a few friends is always a treasure. My how we would have a good time. Most every year in Carolina, we would have good music from many of our family members who play various instruments. It is always a treat to enjoy good songs and hear the various instruments blend together in harmony and experience the joy of family and friends. God is so good to give us a wonderful extended family.

Prior to coming to be with family and even more joyous through the years is the blessing of all we experience primarily through our church. We have cantatas, Christmas plays, good messages from the Bible on the Christ child’s birth, beautiful Christmas songs, decorations, all focusing around Christ. And receiving Christmas cards and people wishing a Merry Christmas and their best wishes for a good and prosperous New Year are quite special. Our hearts become filled with joy and gladness as we focus on the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

From the view of celebrating for many Christmas days, let’s share some lessons from Christmas.

1). Realize life goes by quickly so take time for the Lord. “Life is like a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away”, says James, so make certain of knowing Christ as Savior.

2). Family is so important so take time to spend quality time with them.

3). Don’t forget friends. To visit, call or send a card to a friend means much. And, one special note, you may know of someone in prison or jail. They all have emotions and love to be remembered, so take time to send them a card or a letter to let them know they are not forgotten.

4). Do something special as a gift to Jesus. Ask Him what He might have you do and listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Amazing stories have been shared of how someone is praying for a need and your heart’s desire to do something for Him is the answer to their prayers. Give a gift to a ministry that brings people to Jesus.

5). Take time to bond and enjoy one another as families and friends. Let love flow from our hearts to others.

One can say that Christmas is about others. Beginning with God, He so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son for others. Jesus came to live, serve, save, and die for others. We live, work and do to serve and care for others. For in loving and serving God by loving and serving others, we do find the true meaning of life and the true meaning of Christmas.

We want to wish all our clients and our team a very Merry Christmas!


Authored by Roy E. Nunn, Founding Partner