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The Life of Stewardship — An Interview with Greg and Donna Walter

By: Alex Ellis, CEO, and Connie Pearson, Financial Advisor

Estimated read time: 1:30 min

You were made for more. The desire for significance that stirs deep within you is a gift from God,* calling you to a life of greater meaning.

What makes a person significant — Is it power, fame or fortune? For most of us, significance usually comes through faithfulness.

A “steward” believes they own something the way a child believes they own their bedroom. In a sense, the bedroom is the parent’s because the parent owns the whole house. But in another sense, the bedroom is the child’s because that space was set apart for them to enjoy its benefits and responsibilities.

Greg and Donna believe financial stewardship means using their money in a way that pleases the ultimate owner, God. They believe this includes saving, minimizing the use of debt, and not spending all of their money on themselves so they can give as they are led. They believe this approach has provided them a life of freedom from worry.

Why do they give? Because of gratitude for all God has done for them. They don’t give because of the “debtor’s mentality” that tries to pay back God rather than receiving His grace as a free gift. If you gave a birthday gift to someone and they pulled out cash to pay you back, it would cheapen your gift and perhaps even offend you. But if they did something in return out of a heart of gratitude, it would make your gift even more honored. The same is true with God.**

Greg and Donna desire to hear Jesus say to them in Heaven, “Well done, my good and faithful servants.” This is the filter for their decisions about money.

What is the filter for your decisions about money? As you review your bank or credit card statements for the month, how much was spent on needs, wants, and giving? Do you have a plan for next month?

* See John 5:44 for an example. Jesus told some people they were seeking honor from one another, but they should be seeking the honor that comes from God. This idea of God honoring and rewarding people is throughout the Bible and is always by grace.

** See 2 Chronicles 32:25; Psalm 116:12; and Ephesians 2:8-10


*The names have been changed, allowing their generosity to remain anonymous.
*Speak with your VFA advisor if you’d like to create or update a giving plan. We’re here to serve you.