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VFA on Social Media

VFA on Social Media

Values First Advisors, Inc. (“VFA”) and its employees use certain social media accounts for business-related purposes, which involves the account identifying with VFA by name and the account receiving prior written approval from VFA to do so (each a “Business-Related Account”). Unless specifically indicated otherwise, social media content, action, or engagement from a Business-Related Account expresses the author’s views only and not necessarily those of VFA or other employees of VFA.

The content provided by a Business-Related Account is for informational purposes only and should not be considered advice for any investment, legal, tax, accounting, or other matter pertaining to a person’s particular circumstance. Persons are urged to consult their own professional adviser before determining any course of action.

Any action or engagement by a Business-Related Account (including, but not limited to, following third-party social media accounts, liking or favoriting third-party content, or reposting or providing hyperlinks to third-party content) provides additional perspective or resources; such action or engagement is not an endorsement of any person, social media account, product, service, guidance, or perspective outside of those expressed by VFA. VFA is not responsible for, and does not adopt or endorse, any third-party unaffiliated with us. You use third-party accounts or websites at your own risk.

VFA does not adopt, endorse, or guarantee the appropriateness, accuracy, or usefulness of any third-party content, and such content does not represent the views of VFA. Comments and opinions posted by third-party users (e.g., commenting on a Business-Related Account’s post) are the responsibility of the users posting them. Any post by third-party users who have a business relationship with VFA are responsible for disclosing any conflict of interest related to their content on any Business-Related Account.

Please limit your content on any Business-Related Account to investment themes or other topics, rather than commenting, positively or negatively, on VFA, its services or employees. Testimonials do not represent the experiences of all others.

Do not send or post any confidential, personal, or account information via social media. Do not post (including through hyperlinks) any false, misleading, illegal, or otherwise inappropriate or offensive material on any Business-Related Account site.

Do not use the private communication channel on the social media platform (e.g., LinkedIn Messaging, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messages, and other similar direct messaging services) to send communications to the Business-Related Account regarding any business-related matter. Any written communication to VFA or its employees regarding investment advice, financial planning advice, your account(s), or other business-related matters, should be sent only to one of our company email addresses ending with @valuesfirst.com or @valuesfirstadvisors.com. If you want to communicate to VFA’s corporate office, please contact us at info@valuesfirst.com, (877) 832-3847, or by using the contact form below.

Content on any Business-Related Account and any private communication channel use to or from the account is subject to retention and review by VFA. Our pages are intended for US residents only.

VFA may change these terms at our sole discretion at any time.

Dated: August 2023