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Providing Relief to a Hurting World — Linda Williams on Giving

By: Alex Ellis, President & Founding Partner

Estimated read time: 1:15 min

God is at work around us. When we join Him, we experience Him as He accomplishes His will through us.*

One of the ways Linda Williams partners with God is by serving children in poverty. Each year, Linda and her family prepare up to 300 shoe boxes full of gifts and distribute them through Samaritan’s Purse ministry to impoverished children in other nations.

What’s the favorite thing in the shoe box? Often it’s the toothbrush, because the child can have his/her own rather than borrow the family’s only toothbrush.

Why does she give Ivory soap? Because it floats in the river if the child drops it while bathing.

She includes toys, coloring books, crayons, supplies so they can attend school, soccer balls, shirts, and more. She watches for things to go on sale at Walmart throughout the year, and then she buys in bulk. The total cost per box (including shipping) is around $20.

The kids are excited when the gifts arrive. Many of the children have never had anything to call their own, and many of them share with others. The parents are grateful that someone would care enough for their child to send them these gifts. If the ministry is permitted to share the good news of Christ, they do.

Linda said, “It’s not the amount of money. It’s the willingness to share what you have to make a difference in someone else’s life.”

Linda thinks of all the children today who receive her help, and she knows she’s making a difference.

*John 5:17, 19-20
-The name has been changed, allowing her generosity to remain anonymous.
-Speak with your VFA advisor if you’d like to create or update a giving plan. We’re here to serve you.