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Is Your Work Unfulfilling? (It Might Be a God-prompt.)

By: Alex Ellis and Benji Nunn, VFA Owners 

Estimated read time: 3 minutes 


Are you a Christian with a job that doesn’t fulfill you, and you wish there was more? 

You’re not the only one. 

There are a variety of reasons this can occur, some of which involve God prompting you to get your attention. We believe God sometimes removes our satisfaction in order to stir up our desire for something else. Here’s what we mean and what you can do about it. 

“You will never experience God as He wants you to, if you only attempt things you can do. God wants the world to see Him, working through you.” 

Henry Blackaby

1) 86,400 Hours

Your actual numbers will differ, but let’s say you average 40 hours a week for 48 weeks a year over a 45-year career. That’s 86,400 hours of your life. 

Is there any other role in your life that you will dedicate 86,400 hours to? 

(More on this in a moment.)

2) God Assigns Value to Our Work

God places value on our work that aligns with his purposes and his ways. This includes work that doesn’t appear faith-based to the casual observer. The Bible teaches this throughout.

Do you value your work the way God does? 

3) God Invites People to Join Him

Jesus said his father (God) is always working, always active doing productive things. And God reveals himself, his purposes, and his ways to people who seek him, inviting them to join him in what he is doing.

4) The Big Day

First, why do you think the Bible tells us the future? I think we could probably agree that at the very least God did it to affect how we live today and plan for tomorrow.

Now, let’s talk about The Day!

1 Corinthians 3:10-15 tells us that a specific day is coming after this life when believers will stand before Jesus. He will assess our lives.

To be clear, getting into Heaven will be by his grace [Video: How to Get to Heaven]. But reward in Heaven will be based on how we responded to his grace.

Don’t miss this. Some believers will get into Heaven as well as get rewards for the work they did in this life (verse 14), but other believers will get into Heaven without a single reward – nothing they spent their life doing mattered to God enough to reward (verse 15).

We want to be verse 14 people!

This happens only by living in alignment with God, his purposes, and his ways. 


If God is prompting you by removing your fulfillment for a time, then he is inviting you to respond to him.

You have a high calling, something greater than merely accumulating personal wealth and accolades and achievement. Or merely going through the motions.

God wants you to join him in your day-to-day work. Henry Blackaby wrote, “You will never experience God as He wants you to, if you only attempt things you can do. God wants the world to see Him, working through you.”

Maybe that means you learn what God is doing at your current job and join him, or maybe it means you change jobs. Either way, we encourage you to seek him and do whatever he shows you to do.

A word of caution. Watch out for a widespread misconception. If someone believes that serving God only happens on church property, then they discount 86,400 hours of their life. In our experience, that view is prevalent. The point here is not to diminish church; it is to reclaim the truth that Jesus is Lord of all, including your career.  

Next Steps

Do you see God at work in your career?

Seek God on this. And connect with other believers and resources (below). 

We’re happy to share what we’re doing on our team and how we’ve been discovering God’s direction for our company.

If you’re interested, schedule a confidential call with Alex, with Benji, or email us using the contact form below.