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God is such an extravagant giver. What can come near the gift of children? It is a holy gift. God knitted together each one in their mother’s womb. He is so creative, He knows and determined every atom, characteristic and personality trait. He gave each one their special gifts.

He even makes a mother out of women with no children. Who else could do this? “For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.” Matthew 12. He gives women the capacity to mother brothers and sisters in the faith, but He still doesn’t stop there. If asked, He will give eyes to see and to mother all we come in contact with.

His generosity continues beyond giving us children, but then goes on with us molding and shaping us into who He plans for us to be. He makes us into who we must become to mother and to be who our unique child or mission field needs to be so He can mold and shape them as well.

The love a mother feels for her children is unlike any love, the depths of which are impossible to explain. He equips us to nourish our children both physically and emotionally. Mothers are there and available for their children always. Mothers are involved, they train children in the way they should go. Mothers teach their children to read the Bible and seek after God.
Mothers help children find their gifts and nurture and develop those gifts. Mothers lovingly and consistently discipline children. Mothers walk in integrity, living out faith daily, setting an example for their children.

Here at Values First Advisors, we want to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers who have consecrated their lives to serving the children that God has so graciously given to them.


Authored by Connie Pearson, Investment Advisor Representative